Here you will find all the updates and changes that have been made to and what new features have been added. Stay up to date with the latest changes so you can always get the most out of our service. 💜

  • v0.47.140124

    Load flow adapted to the new API.

    Upload speed improvements

  • v0.46.230823

    New profile page, now it works with external pubkeys!

    Directory improvements

  • v0.45.100823

    New deletion flow for files, no more page reload

    Usability fixes

    Added more relays to nostr-functions, now must load quicker

  • v0.44.050823

    Lightning redirection

  • v0.43.030823

    New homepage 💜

    Improve visibility toggle without page reload

    New flow for public gallery

    New domain name "" (soon available)

  • v0.42.270723

    Improve gallery performance

    Improve upload flow without page reload

    Improve profile performance

    Magnet links on profile page

  • v0.41.210723

    Auto generated magnets links (torrent) for every upload!

    Improve galleries performance

  • v0.39.230623

    Uploads now use new API backend. No more DDOS attacks ;)

    Improve lazy loading for galleries, now public gallery show last 500 media files!

    First async upload system, not perfect but it works.

  • v0.38.190523

    New api released (v1)

    minor PHP fixes

  • v0.37.3.130523

    New gallery page (preview)

  • v0.37.2.110523

    New profile page (preview)

    New button for password change

  • v0.37.1.090523

    NIP07 Login support

    NIP07 Register support

    Remove email on register form

    Lazy loading for galleries

  • v0.36.9.190423

    Improvements on directory

    Fix mobile directory version

    Gallery improvements

  • v0.36.8.100423

    Usability fixes

  • v0.36.7.050423

    Cookie session fix (mobile)

    Profile long texts are now trimmed

  • v0.36.6.030423

    New version of nostrcheck REST API available (0.5.0)

    Auto resize avatar and banner images

  • v0.36.5.020423

    GIF transform and compression (MP4 or JPG)

    Max image size is now 1280 (width) or 960 (height)

  • v0.36.4.010423

    Video transform and compression (MP4)

    Cookie sessions fix

  • v0.36.3.270323

    Max file size up to 100 MB

    New avatar profile top menu

  • v0.36.2.250323

    Inprovements on public directory page

    New version of nostrcheck REST API available

  • v0.36.1.220323

    Public directory page available

  • v0.36.200323

    New directory page (Preview only for registered users)

    Menu is now always visible

    Update nostr-functions. First interaction preview with nostr network

  • v0.35.2.160323

    New URL for user gallery ex.

  • v0.35.1.150323

    New URL for public gallery

  • v0.35.150323

    Improved NIP-05 registering process

    New empty avatar and banner images

    New filetype for media hosting: mov

    Fixed problem with actions helper

  • v0.34.140323

    Improvements in the upload, savenip and delete functions

    Increased maximum allowed for file uploads to 4MB

    Internal messaging system and user notifications changed

  • v0.33.130323

    Added visibility button to show or hide a file in the user gallery

    New button with confirmation to delete files

    Image preview in user file list

    Copy button for each user files

  • v0.32.110323

    Added visibility button to show or hide a file in the user gallery

    New button with confirmation to delete files

    Image preview in user file list

  • v0.31.100323

    First version for NIP registering public API

    New page "Support us"

    Refactor page "About us"

  • v0.30.080323

    Improvements in the user registration system.

    Create userfiles table to record file uploads.

    First version of tokens for private file uploads

    Fixed problem with file sizes and mime types

    nostr.json file is now private.

  • v0.29.060323

    New NIP-05 identifier

    New page ""

    Add security checks post user registration

  • v0.28.040323

    Refactor header and footer page

    Key converter now converts from and to hex / pubkey

    New option to delete files on profile page

  • v0.27.010323

    Improvements on public and private gallery

  • v0.26.280223

    New page for ""

    Fixed issue with false robot detection on recaptcha

  • v0.25.240223

    New gallery for private an public use

    New option for delete files