About us

Nostrcheck.me was born on 6 February 2023 and since then we have been working hard to improve our services and offer the best possible experience.

We are a passionate team 100% dedicated to nostr. Our mission is to facilitate the onboarding of all people to nostr while offering more advanced services to people who already have experience in the protocol.

We see nostr as a way of empowering people, we want to give a voice to everyone wherever they are and our way of supporting the protocol is through our backend services, free for everyone.

Our services

Nostrcheck.me is made up of 5 domain names, two of them public, free and available to everyone, the other three are private and to access you must request an invitation from one of the members.


Private profile

You will also have a private profile to upload your avatar, banner image of your nostr pubkey, also upload images, videos, gif's for your notes, etc.

Galleries 💜

We offer a private gallery (Examples: 1, 2 3 ) and direct connection to most of nostr clients, this means that you can upload your images, videos or music directly to your gallery and then reuse or share them whenever you want.

If you are not part of our community you can also upload images from our public gallery where you can host images, videos or music files to then be shared via URL in a nostr note directly from the majority of nostr clients.

Relay for our community

We have a private relay for our community to avoid annoying spam that all open relays have and meet some other nostrcheck users.


Find other users in our exclusive directory for our community, you can discover their image gallery, connect with them or send them some sats to their lightning address.

Lightning redirection

We offer the possibility to use your nostr address as a lightning address, so that it is even easier to find you and send you satoshis. You can try with this 😉 quentin@nostrcheck.me

Free and open source API

We have developed an 100% typescript and 100% nostr API, connect with it to integrate your application with our services, download the code to become your own backend server for you, your family or your community.

Check out our API (v1) documentation and code on Github.

Contact us

We are part of nostr 💜, but we understand that you can't always use nostr to contact us, so please use the following links to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

Send us an email at contact@nostrcheck.me
Send us a DM on nostr @nostrcheck.me
Join our telegram group for news and development status.

If you like our work and you want to make a donation we will be grateful if you Support us!


Nostrcheck.me is in strong development, we constantly introduce new improvements, see our changelog.